CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found new justice for a Cleveland firefighter with new charges for what happened just before he was killed by a hit and run driver.

We’ve uncovered the untold story behind the death of firefighter Johnny Tetrick.

Police say a hit and run driver plowed into Tetrick as he cleaned up after an accident on I-90. Now, we’ve learned the crash that had put firefighters on the highway involved a stolen car.

We reported earlier that the suspected hit-and-run driver was indicted for murder. Now, records show a suspect has been indicted for his ties to the stolen car.

Cleveland Firefighters Local 93 union president Francis Lally reacted to our findings.

“If the choice wasn’t made to steal the car, if the choice wasn’t made to, you know, drive the car, Johnny could still be alive today,” he said.

Cleveland police video shows, back on November 7, officers took a call about a car stolen from a driveway. A report shows, almost two weeks later, that stolen car crashed on I-90.

Records outline, as firefighters handled that crash, a hit-and-run driver slammed into Tetrick and took off.

We’ve also learned more about the crash of the stolen car that first put firefighter Tetrick in harms way.

Police say the stolen car went speeding onto the highway and side-swiped a car driven by an off-duty police officer. That officer then grabbed one guy who had been in the car. Another man who had been in the car got away.

“I think everybody out there needs to know that crime is out of control and that criminals need to be held accountable. There’s consequences to their actions,” Lally said.

The police video shows officers taking a report of a stolen car like so many others, but that car ended up in a crash that led to a firefighter getting killed in the line of duty.

The suspect charged with murder is pleading not guilty. He goes back to court next month.

The suspect charged with receiving stolen property in the stolen car case is also pleading not guilty. A second suspect in that matter has not been identified or caught yet.