(WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered confusion over an address when a local woman called 911.

The I-Team found it’s the same address where, a year and a half ago, a man died waiting for help after 911 confusion.

So, we investigated.

Linda Derbin said, “They had a year and a half to fix it. What’s the problem?”

Last month, she called 911. After giving her address, the call taker said, “Can you confirm your address for me, please?”

Linda Derbin answered, “Belmont.”

The call taker asked, “In Brooklyn Heights or Seven Hills?”

More confusion over calling for help from a home on the border of Brooklyn Heights and Seven Hills.

A year and a half ago, the family called 911 in a medical emergency. Confusion over the address led to a response time of 14 minutes for an ambulance. Retired police officer Dennis Derbin died.

Now, weeks ago, another 911 call from the home led to new questions about the address.

On the 911 recording, you hear Linda Derbin tell dispatch, “It’s going to come up Seven Hills, but I live in Brooklyn Heights.”

The call taker then responds with, “OK, I just wanted to double check. That’s what it says on the 911 screen.”

Derbin said, “I feel lives matter, and if you have a little problem, it’s a big problem. Fix it. What if it was their family? How would they feel?”

Chagrin Valley Dispatch tells us it updated its computer system after the first confusion, so call takers should get the correct address. But, they could also see maps off the internet listing that home in the neighboring town.

Of course, that could affect whether or not the closest police or rescue crews get sent to the call.

Cuyahoga County also issued a statement.

Spokesperson Mary Louise Madigan said, “Our 911 coordinator changed the master street address guide back on August 13, 2021. The (street guide) is correct. It appears the computer aided dispatch information is not correct.”

The county says that computer dispatch information is the responsibility of the area 911 center.

The director there tells the I-Team he is taking new steps to clear this up. Meanwhile, call takers should also confirm any address twice.

The confusion did not lead to a long delay for help at the Derbin home. Still, it brought back reminders of the night Dennis Derbin died.

Linda Derbin added, “Brought it all up again. I mean, those feelings. Nobody should ever have to do that or go through that.”

Confusion has surrounded that address since it is the only home that’s part of Brooklyn Heights on the side of the street where Seven Hills begins.