CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team now can show you where you are most at risk of having your car stolen. The number of these cases have practically doubled in Cleveland.

According to statistics provided by Cleveland police, 3,789 vehicles have been stolen in Cleveland so far this year. 

That amount almost doubled from the 1,988 vehicles stolen during the same time frame in 2022.

Police Chief Wayne Drummond told council’s safety committee Wednesday that the majority of the stolen cars were taken in Cleveland’s second and third district, with 999 vehicles stolen in the second district and 952 taken in the third district.

“The epicenter of it are district two and district three,” Drummond told council. “It is across the board in all five districts and the vast majority of those are Kias and Hyundais.”

One of the cars stolen out of the second district belonged to a childcare provider who works at the Providence House in Ohio City. The vehicle was stolen in May and recovered a few days later. However, the car was severely damaged.

“They took a joy ride in the car,” said Natalie Leek, president and CEO of Providence House, a nonprofit organization. “They stripped valuable engine components, defaced the car with ‘Kia boys’ in slang, smashed the steering column. They did $5,000 worth of damage. This was a devastating loss for our childcare provider.”

The Providence House provides emergency shelter to children newborn through 12 years old, actively living in crisis situations that place them at risk of abuse or neglect.

Employees and friends of the childcare provider started a GoFundMe to help her pay for the car.