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AKRON, Ohio (WJW)-  Several trucks waited in line on Thursday to get into the drop-off area at the post office on Wolf Ledges Parkway in Akron.

The trucks were either dropping off incoming mail or waiting to get a load of letters and packages. There were also trailers in the back that we were told contained mail.

Many of you have reached out to the FOX 8 I-Team telling us you are still having trouble getting letters and packages delivered.

“We still have around 250 late or missing orders,” said Andy Graham, of in Lake County. “We are starting to see newer orders shipped two or three days priority now taking one to two weeks to deliver. These are things shipped on Dec. 28.”

Others are waiting for prescriptions and bills. Many said they are concerned they  will have to pay late fees on bills that did not arrive on time.

“The beginning of this week I received the gas bill from December and then I received the gas bill from January the next day,” said Greg Getzinger, of Hudson.

A spokeswoman with the U. S. Postal Service told us employees are continuing to work around the clock to make sure all of your letters and packages are delivered. 

“The Postal Service delivered a record amount of packages this holiday season in the midst of the pandemic, which significantly impacted our workforce availability,” said Naddia Dhalai, strategic communication specialist with USPS.

“Capacity challenges with airlifts and trucking for moving this historic volume of mail also led to temporary delays. These challenges were felt by shippers across the board. We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our employees.”

She added the postal service regrets, “All service problems experienced by our customers and thank them for their continued support and understanding.”

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