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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found Cleveland police just filed a murder charge against a man already indicted for another murder but still living on your streets under house arrest.

Tuesday, police filed a charge against Juan Burgos-Delgado for a man found dead in a car over the weekend off of Train Ave.

Burgos already had been indicted for a 2018 murder, yet the court did not keep him in jail.

So, we investigated.

The latest homicide investigation began with citizens calling 9-1-1 about a car on fire Saturday morning. One said, “We have a car on fire on Train Avenue…”

Another said, “There’s a car on fire that exploded…Tremont area.”

Firefighters found a body in a car.

And, as investigators started questioning Burgos-Delgado, the I-Team also started asking questions.

We found he’s been out of jail on house arrest wearing an ankle bracelet waiting for trial on murder charges since 2019.

Henry Senyak spoke for the Lincoln Heights Block Club. He said, “I think it’s terrible. Just part of the problem in the system.” He added, “How many other people are slipping through? These people need to be brought to justice and put in jail.”

How does a guy end up back on your streets waiting to go on trial for murder instead of sitting in jail? The I-Team dug through court records. They show Burgos-Delgado got arrested for murder in January 2018. He sat in jail until a judge granted him house arrest in Sept. 2019, been out until he just got arrested in the new dead body investigation.

We found Burgos-Delgado has been on house arrest in the Clark-Fulton section of town.

Records show a defense attorney argued for house arrest by writing to the court, Burgos-Delgado is “confined to a wheelchair and suffers chronic pain from numerous bullet fragments.”

Cuyahoga County prosecutors argued against it. They wrote the case involved “Aggravated Murder, the highest charge he could be charged with in Ohio.”

Judge Wanda Jones let him out.

She is no longer on the bench. We tried reaching out to her through the court administrator’s office.

We also called the suspect’s attorney. He had no comment.

Meanwhile, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department says the ankle bracelet never set off any alarms showing Burgos-Delgado had left home.

And, in a court complaint filed in the new murder case, Cleveland homicide investigators say Burgos-Delgado took part in shooting a man behind his house. The body then was loaded into a car. The car later found burning.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say the 2018 murder happened during a drug deal.

Back near the scene of the latest killing, the neighborhood is showing new signs of life with new development. So, a case like this coming to light is not taken lightly.

Henry Senyak said, “First and foremost, we  have to have safety.”

The investigation is still going on into the latest case with another suspect also arrested.