CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a man now indicted on a series of charges for dragging a Cleveland police officer with a stolen car — a case captured on chilling video.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors have indicted Muurloo Bey. He’s now charged with three counts of felonious assault on police officers and receiving stolen property.

Last month, the I-Team revealed the video, showing officers find a stolen car at dawn near E. 79th and Chester. Inside, three guys appeared to be sleeping.

An officer tapped the driver’s side window, opened the door and ordered the driver to show his hands.

He stared back until another officer reached in and police tried to handcuff him.

“Stop moving, stop moving, stop moving. Get out of the car, get out of the car,” officers said in the video.

“Ain’t nobody even did nothing, so I’m just saying, ‘hold on.’ I’m about to get out the car. Can I get out?” the driver responded.

As seen in the video, the driver started the car, and as police struggled with him, he started to drive off.

An officer, still in the doorway, yelled, “Watch out, watch out!”

Another officer saw her being dragged as the car pulled away.

“Hey get away from there. Hey, let her go!” he yelled.

The officer in the doorway could be seen left on the ground as the driver made a move with the vehicle.

But, instead of getting away, he didn’t get far. He quickly slammed into a parked police car. Then, he was pulled out from behind the wheel.

A report shows police arrested Bey, and we dug into his record. We found 10 cases in felony court dating back two decades. The cases involved stolen property, drugs, domestic violence and more. Yet, he ended up back on your streets again.

The latest case before this one was filed last month in Cleveland Municipal Court. A weapons charge and a drug charge. But, the court records then showed Bey released from jail with just a promise to come back to court.

Now, after this new arrest, Bey remains locked up. He goes to court on the new indictment soon.