BROOKLYN, Ohio (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows how a local man got arrested twice in one day.

In fact, you see him taken to jail for the second time just moments after getting released in the first case.

Last month, Brooklyn police arrested Frank Wolter for assaulting a woman. As soon as he got out of jail, police arrested him again for causing a disturbance in the Brooklyn City Hall complex.

A report shows, first, Wolter was arrested for assaulting a woman and damaging her phone. The victim said what happened was tied to a family dispute.

Video shows her telling officers, “He’s, like, ‘Where’s the keys?’, and I gave him the keys. And, he came and grabbed it and just hit me right here in the face with it.”

The video also shows Wolter telling officers, “I was assaulted first.”

Still, he went to jail for that incident.

An officer walked him to the lock-up by saying, “We’re just gonna walk back. We’re gonna be adults about this.”

And, Wolter responded with, “I’m fine.”

Records show Wolter was hit with charges for assault, menacing, criminal damaging, and unlawful restraint.

But one police report shows he was released from jail within hours. A second report shows that “moments” after he got out, he started causing a disturbance in Brooklyn City Hall.

The video shows Wolter asking, “So, I want to know why was I being charged with assault?” An officer tells him that he‘s “disrupting”, and “You have to leave.” But, Wolter responds with, “Don’t touch me. I was assaulted. I’m not cursing. Please do not touch me.”

An officer reminds him, “You’re being asked to leave.”

Wolter pleads, “I’m asking a question.”

But, seconds later, he got arrested again. He was taken to jail without ever leaving the city building. Hit with more charges for criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.

The I-Team contacted Wolter, but he’s not commenting on the cases moving through court. He is pleading not guilty.

The video shows his final words before being locked up a second time.

He said to the police, “And, now, you want to arrest me because I won’t leave the building, and I didn’t curse or nothing….ridiculous.”

The FOX 8 I-Team will follow up to see what happens in court.