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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found a man was arrested and charged for assaulting a Cleveland firefighter as he helped an EMS crew working on a patient.

This case puts another spotlight on danger for first-responders.

Days ago, gunfire ripped into an EMS unit at a scene with a crew in the back working on a senior citizen.

And late last year, a hit and run driver killed Cleveland firefighter Johnny Tetrick as he cleared debris from a crash on the highway.

In the latest case, records show police arrested Luther Tyes. He has been charged with Obstructing Official Business.

Court records show the incident happened in the 3200 block of West 100th Street. Cleveland Fire and EMS crews had been called for a suspected overdose.

Police say the firefighter was “providing light for EMS while working on the victim when Luther cussed at him then pushed him three time to the shoulder preventing him to perform his duty.”

No one has been charged for the recent shooting into the ambulance.

Police video released to the I-Team this week shows officers found a shell casing at the scene. They also reported a call for shots fired about two blocks away. And, an officer spoke to a medic inside the ambulance. He said, “We were just sitting in here working on her, and I heard the car coming up, and I heard it.”

The officer followed up with, “Car pulled up in front?” And, the medic answered, “I just heard a car go by.”

Meantime, a man has been charged with murder for the deadly hit and run that took the life of the firefighter on the highway.