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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Several residents on Throckley Avenue in Cleveland were upset Wednesday after learning their mail service has been temporarily suspended.

The residents will now have to go to the post office during normal business hours, with identification, to pick up their mail.

United States Postal Service officials say the decision to halt door to door delivery on the street, located on the city’s east side, was made Tuesday after a mail carrier encountered an aggressive dog.

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“The safety of our delivery employees and the aim to provide great customer service are both paramount to who we are as an organization,” said Naddia Dhalai, a spokeswoman with the United States Postal Service. “Local management is working with the owner and once the issue is resolved, delivery will resume. Aggressive and unrestrained animals are a serious issue. One bite or fall can cause a serious injury; they are painful yet they can be prevented. We request all customers keep their dogs restrained during normal delivery hours to protect the safety of the letter carriers.“

Dhalai said USPS officials say they “regret any inconvenience experienced by our customers.”

“We welcome our customers to bring any concerns they have with their service to our attention so we can act to solve their concerns,” Dhalai said.

Customers may always call 1-800-ASK-USPS or visit to file complaint or inquiry.

The dog did not bite the carrier but a police report obtained by the I-Team states the dog got out a window of the home.

“It is a scary situation for everyone,” said Rameana Foster. “Now it’s an inconvenience for people here to not get their mail delivered.”

Cleveland Councilman Joe Jones does not believe it is necessary to suspend the mail delivery for the entire street.  

“Have a common sense approach and so instead of canceling the services for the entire street, just skip the house where you have the problem,” Jones said.  “There is no reason not to go to the other houses.”

He says he plans to call USPS officials soon to discuss the situation.