CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video just released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows the moment Cleveland police say a killer flagged them down, telling them he’d gone on a deadly shooting rampage.

Police said body camera video shows Martin Muniz stopping them to reveal he’d just shot up his family at a home along Mack Court. You see how officers react, and you see the surprise when police got to the scene.

The video shows Martin Muniz at the window of a patrol car saying, “I’m serious. I’m not crazy. You can go to the address and verify.”

Police can hardly believe what they’re hearing.

“But, I want you to handcuff me first,” Muniz added.

The officer responds: “Alright let me pull up.”

And, under their breath, “What the — is going on, dude?”

An officer then calls in to dispatch saying, “24 to radio. He approached our vehicle and said he just did something bad. He said that he killed five people.”

It happened last month, and police scrambled to Mack Court.

There, they found the mother of the suspect outside.

“My daughter lives here. I got a call from two cousins. My son murdered them all. I don’t know. I don’t trust him, so I was afraid to knock on the door,” she said.

Police found five people shot, four of whom died. A child survived, however.

The video also shows everyone immediately trying to understand what led to the violence. The mother at the scene told police, “My son, yes, he was locked up … he’s got mental.”

Police asked, “What was he locked up for?”

The woman answered, “All kind of violations.”

Police responded with, “Like violence?”

And, that was met with a response of, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Martin Muniz now sits locked up on dozens of charges for this case. He pleaded not guilty, even though you now see how police found out about the crime.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors have not decided yet if they will seek the death penalty. But this court document shows defense lawyers are already preparing for that, expecting to have to fight to keep Muniz off death row.

The city released the new video to the I-Team under a records request. However, only some of the video has been released, as the case still under investigation.

Police are also still looking into whether they can pin any other crimes on Martin Muniz.