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BRUNSWICK, Ohio (WJW) – The I-Team has found a local school bus driver disciplined after getting caught speeding on camera by a parent and FOX 8.

The Brunswick City Schools has ordered the driver to go through retraining and take a new certification test at the end of that.

Weeks ago, a parent turned to the I-Team with cell phone video she recorded. It showed a school bus apparently speeding through a neighborhood even while dropping off kids.

The I-Team then captured video of that same bus days later going 45 in a 35 mph zone and 55 in a 45 mph zone. So, we took that to the school district.

The district used GPS tracking to find, in fact, that driver had been speeding at times on the days the video was recorded.

The district says it followed the union contract in taking action. The training will be carried out with an instructor on board.

We caught up again with the parent who had spotted this first.

“A good action they’re taking,” she said. “Like I said before, I wasn’t trying to get anyone fired. As long as this bus driver shows he’s going to get better then that’s great.”

The Brunswick City School District also issued a statement, saying, in part:

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our students and staff. The Brunswick City School District remains committed to ensuring the safe transportation of students every day. We are grateful to the bus drivers and transportation staff who serve our students.”