CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered chilling sounds of wild gunfire on Cleveland streets picked up by gunshot sensors.

The recordings give you a chance to hear what’s never been heard in public before.

Sometimes you hear dozens of shots in seconds: 27 shots, 36 shots, 18 shots and on and on.

The Shot Spotter system detects gunfire, then sends an alert to Cleveland police with the location.

The sensors also record the sound, and the I-Team has obtained some of those recordings.

We played some for Stephanie Morris Nunn living in Old Brooklyn. We asked her to describe what stands out after hearing that.

“Fear. Fear for myself, fear for the community,” she said.

Morris-Nunn told us sometimes she hears a barrage of gunfire simply living in the city with so much violent crime.

“When you hear it. You stop,” she said. “Some of my loved ones have been victims of those kinds of things. Their house got shot up. Their car got shot up.”

We also took the recordings to Councilman Kevin Conwell.

“It’s frightening when I hear it. It sounds like a war zone,” he said after listening.

Conwell led the fight to set up Shot Spotter in Cleveland. He thinks the sound of the gunfire sheds new light on what police are up against.

“In a second, 27 shots go off. In a second, 36 go off. So, you know what you’re dealing with right now. That’s not good,” he said.

The alert system has been set up to help police fight gun violence, but we’ve shown you, Cleveland police are chronically short-staffed, In almost a third of the alerts, officers do not get to the calls for 20 to 25 minutes.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol just ran a special operation in Cleveland for weeks, helping to bust felons and seize guns, but that operation has ended.

Councilman Conwell and Councilman Mike Polensek want the patrol to come back into the city to do more work targeting illegal guns.

But, we checked with the state and so far, we have no indication of any other efforts like that planned.

The city plans to have a study done of the Shot Spotter system and how it’s working.