CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered a new recording that’s now part of an investigation into why police never stopped a dangerous driver followed by SkyFOX.

SkyFOX followed a car for 45 minutes going the wrong way, barreling wildly on I-480 and zig-zagging all over Cleveland’s southeast side.

Police never caught that driver even though the FOX 8 crew in the sky provided dispatch with turn-by-turn direction of travel.

Now, we’ve learned an internal investigation is looking  into both the police response and what dispatchers said.

In a recording just released to the I-Team, dispatch says, “Bureau of Communications Chief Dispatcher,” then, “all that updating you’re doing, you might as well forget it.”

“So, what is his thing? So, he just wants us to be on the news,” a dispatcher said over the recording.

The other person in dispatch responded with, “yep.”

Finally, the two people talking exchanged that they were “done.”

That recording raises new questions about why we never saw police catching up to that car. It didn’t happen, yet the driver also stopped multiple times at homes and businesses, sometimes backing in to park.

We first reported on this call back in August. The city told us this had sparked an internal investigation that focused just on the police response.

Now, we’ve found the dispatch comments are also under review.

At one point, Cleveland police dispatch did alert officers in the area, but a recording released earlier showed that police didn’t sound determined to stop that driver.

SkyFOX briefly lost sight of the car, and police radio revealed an officer saying, “All right perfect.”

A supervisor added, “Sam 32 to Barney 37, come back to the district headquarters.”

Now, there’s an internal review of what was done and what was said. Police have not given any indication of how long the investigation may take. When it’s over, we’ll update this story.