CLEVELAND (WJW) –  It’s official — the city of Cleveland’s new recycling program will start June 13. It’s the first time in two years the city will be recycling.

“It’s been too long,” said Ren Brumfield, the city’s recycling coordinator.

Two years ago, the I-Team exposed a city hall secret. City crews were taking all recycling collected in Cleveland and dumping it in a landfill. Our reporting sparked city leaders to work to create a new recycling program.

Officials say, so far, 27,000 households have opted in to take part in the new program.

Those who have opted in will be given a sticker to put on the side of their bin. This will show city workers which bins are part of the recycling program. If residents don’t opt in the program, the city will be taking their blue can sometime in the fall.

Officials are hoping residents who do take part in the program will follow the guidelines.

“The biggest thing we can do, the biggest tip I can give is that we follow the instructions that the city puts out,” Brumfield said. “So the sticker we give you to put on the top of the bin states exactly what things that can go in that bin.”

City officials say residents can help make sure the new program works well by only recycling the materials on the list, such as metal cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, jugs and tubs, and paper and boxes.  All materials must be clean and not bagged.

There are several items that can’t be recycled in the city cart, such as aluminum foil, plastic utensils, and plastic bags.

If you want to take part in the program you can go online or call at (216) 664-3030.

If you have any questions on the recycling program, send an email to