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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team did some digging to go inside the investigation into a local rapper now wanted for human trafficking.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors indicted the rapper known as Officially GP, but we’ve learned there could be more victims across the country.

There’s a Cuyahoga County warrant out for the rapper’s arrest. Investigators have not been able to track him down.

Six charges for trafficking in persons and compelling prostitution have been filed against Dawud Sami, also known as Thomas Bradford, or his rap name, Officially GP. In other words, officially got paper, as in, money.

The NE Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force led the investigation. Detective Scott Moran revealed how the task force came to believe the rapper was forcing women into sex for sale.

“I think what’s so shocking and alarming to our unit about this case is just his brazenness and bragging about it in open forum,” Moran said.

That open forum would be his videos posted on the internet. In one, the rapper rhymes about being a pimp.

The Task Force found the rapper had been running Red Karpet Entertainment on East 185th in Cleveland. Investigators found he even put tattoos with his business logo on the women involved, branding them.

“It implies he owns the girls, absolutely,” Moran said.

He also described how the rapper is accused of getting women to work for him.

“Talk to them for several months. Get them to believe they were going to succeed in a modeling career. He does rap videos. Once these girls meet with him, that’s when the entrapment starts.
There was always the threat of violence to the victims, and he’s a physically intimidating person,” he said.

Right now, the rapper faces charges for two victims, but investigators say they have reason to believe there are more victims. In fact, more victims from this same ring even in cities all around the country.

The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking says this kind of crime can take on many forms and be hard to stop.

“The way we define human trafficking is the exploitation of human beings for profit,” said Kirsti Mouncey, president and CEO of the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking. “So, it’s very hard to get out without assistance, without support.”

We went to an address for Officially GP, but we got no answer.

Investigators say they need help from the public to find him. Meanwhile, there’s no trouble finding his videos.

“You know, he’s almost hiding in plain sight.” investigator Moran said.

Got a tip? Call 216-443-6085 or Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463. Crime Stoppers offers a reward for tips leading to an arrest in all felony crimes.