SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) –  The FOX 8 I-Team obtained video showing FBI agents serving subpoenas at South Euclid Municipal Court.

The FBI served officials with the City of South Euclid subpoenas, seeking information related to the South Euclid Municipal Court under former Judge Gayle Williams Byers, who resigned her position on July 31. 

Agents are also seeking documents from South Euclid Municipal Court officials.

The subpoena served to court officials is asking for all emails from the former judge’s email account from Jan. 1, 2016, to the present.

FBI agents are also asking for “any recorded City of South Euclid City Council Meeting” that pertained to the court’s financial status “on or about March and June of 2022,” and several documents in the employment file for Williams Byers, including her gross and net earnings, paid or unpaid periods of employment to include COVID-19 furlough information and all records related to her daily and monthly work schedule.

The I-Team went to the judge’s home to talk to her about the matter. A person answered the door but quickly shut it.

The judge’s attorney, Jeffrey Saffold, told us the judge has “absolutely nothing to hide.”

“We are cooperating willingly,” Saffold said. “And even anxious to cooperate.”

The judge abruptly left the bench in July and several city officials say they were not given any advance notice.

FBI officials are not commenting on the matter.

City officials were also still at odds with the judge for delays during the COVID-19 outbreak. Several cases were dismissed because court officials allegedly missed deadlines to have the cases heard.

One woman, a victim of domestic violence, says she was blindsided when she received a call that her 2020 case was dismissed.

“I wrote a poem after I heard,” the woman said. She read us the poem, which stated in part, “I wish I could cry right now. I wish I could understand. I wish I could process those words… dismissed. Let go. Forgotten.”

South Euclid prosecutors have appealed the case being dismissed to the 8th District Court of Appeals. The appeal is still pending.

“I want to be heard,” the victim said. “I want other people to be heard as well.”

It is not known how long the FBI investigation will take.