CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team takes you to the scene where a woman was carjacked and robbed of her money at an ATM, with a gunman even standing on her car firing shots.

Cleveland police thought they had the crime solved, but no, so we took a closer look at the investigation.

The attack happened in late January, but the police video has just been released to the I-Team.

The victim and witnesses called police to West 52nd and Memphis.

You can hear the victim on the 911 call saying, “I just got carjacked. I just got carjacked.”

“They fired about four shots around me. Oh my God, I was so scared,” she added.

“I need police. Shots fired at the Key Bank ATM,” a witness told dispatch.

“At the scene, the victim told officers, “”He jumped on top of my car and started shooting,” the victim told officers at the scene.

“The dude literally stood on top of the windshield and said, ‘get the — out the car.’ He pulled a gun out,” a witness said.

But, the video also reveals a chaotic scene and, at one point, an officer thought the victim was a suspect.

He approached the woman and said, “Turn around, put your hands behind your back.”

“No, I’m the one that got robbed,” she reacted.

“We were told you were involved in the shooting,” the officer continued.

“No, I got carjacked and robbed,” the woman said.

Bystanders, then, spoke up, “Yeah, yeah, she’s the one that got robbed.”

The robbery involved four suspects. Witnesses wanted them chased down, right then. Police say they tried.

“No, they flew across the bridge. We were getting ready to come here and we saw them just zoom by. We tried to box them in, at first,” an officer said.

Later, police also took out an arrest warrant for one suspect. They say the victim had picked his photo out of a line-up, but police found that suspect couldn’t have been involved. He’d been sitting in jail for another crime. So, the arrest warrant was withdrawn.

Since then, investigators have put out new suspect photos and are tracking new leads.

There’s still a chance for justice after a vicious attack at the ATM.

“He put the gun in my face. He told me, ‘give me all your —money.’ Pulled all my money out of my wallet, naturally,” the victim said.

If you have a tip, call Crime Stoppers or Cleveland Police Second District Detectives.