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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found that a worker at Hopkins Airport was attacked, and a new video also shows a man causing a disturbance at a checkpoint.

Police say both cases involve people who weren’t even at the airport to travel.

Weeks ago, the I-Team exposed crowds of people sleeping there. Now, the I-Team is asking what’s being done to protect you, the traveler.

The latest incident happened last Saturday just before dawn with an attack on a custodial worker trying to clean a bathroom.

Custodial Worker Phtonia Solomon said a woman refused to leave a bathroom, and then when she came out, she turned violent.

Solomon said, “All of a sudden, she just punched me. Ran up and punched me. Started scratching my face, put her hands in my mouth.”

Police arrested a suspect, and her address was determined to be a homeless shelter.

Solomon also said, “And, I don’t feel like I should have to go to work and defend myself against homeless people, or anyone for that matter.”

The I-Team has shown you, night after night, that Hopkins Airport draws homeless people needing a place to sleep, or others needing a place to hang out.

This week, the City just released a video from a violent incident we had requested four months ago.

Two men viciously attacked a traveler from France. Police video just released shows the arrest of one suspect.

He told officers, “I caught myself trying to break them up. I didn’t mean to bust his head, though.”

Since that incident, the Court has determined that the suspect is incompetent to stand trial. The second man involved was never caught.

In the meantime, more video just released to the I-Team shows police, confronting a man last month and harassing travelers at a checkpoint.

You see an officer lead the man away from the checkpoint. Then, he shouts at police,
“I don’t gotta go!”

Officers ultimately took him to a hospital for a psych evaluation.

Mayor Justin Bibb’s Airport administration has refused to discuss this ongoing problem with the I-Team.

We’ve shown you many of the people using the Airport as a place to stay and hang out at baggage claim.

In fact, recently police busted one man with no permanent address for stealing luggage. Records show the man had been wanted for not showing up to court in connection with felony charges, including assault.

For this story, the Airport referred us to an earlier statement that said a task force has been looking at new security measures, crisis intervention training for Airport workers, and help for people not there to catch a flight.

Solomon said she wants to see urgent action.

She said, “None of us feel safe. At all.”

This week, the City named a new director to take over Hopkins Airport. He will walk into his new job faced with this problem.

We will check back to see if the Airport takes new steps to address it.