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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team found a piece of mail took 27 days to go less than 10 miles.

It finally came to light when a family missed a chance to see one of Cleveland’s biggest events.

The I-Team keeps uncovering more problems with your mail. In fact, yet another United States Postal Service employee just got indicted.

In the latest mail delay, the Ihle family won free tickets to see the Cleveland National Air Show on Labor Day weekend. But, the family says, the tickets just came in the mail days ago — even though the envelope was postmarked Aug. 18.

So, it took 27 days for a radio station to send four tickets from downtown to the West Park neighborhood.

“We called the radio station and got the free tickets, and we were all excited,” Phil Ihle said.

But, the tickets didn’t arrive for nearly a month.

“It’s just mailed from Cleveland to Cleveland,” he added. “We should have got that the next day.”

We also caught up with an executive with the radio station.

“That’s amazing,” he said. “It’s shocking to hear this is going on.”

Again, that mail didn’t have to travel far. We even pulled out our phone and checked a map for another look. The estimated travel time by car is 15 minutes. If someone wanted to carry the mail and walk from downtown to that family’s home, the estimated time is 2 hours and 51 minutes — less time than it takes to watch a Browns game.

The family missed the air show. We asked the postal service to look into what happened.

We learned of this a week after an I-Team investigation revealed a postal employee was caught on camera in Beachwood dumping mail into a recycling bin.

Then, late Monday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office indicted a local postal employee for stealing mail and postal service money.

The feds indicted Brandon Monteal Williams for theft of mail by a postal employee and misappropriation of postal service funds. Investigators say he worked as a clerk at the Brooklyn branch. He’s suspected of stealing mail including 10 cell phones and five pairs of “high-valued” sneakers, and embezzling up to $1,000.

We also have reported countless stories of mail getting stolen with checks forged ripping off innocent people.

“We gotta get it taken care of somehow. It’s got to get taken care of,” Ihle said.

He admitted other problems with the mail are a lot more serious than what his family encountered. But 27 days to send something a few miles shows one more breakdown.

Ihle says he also contacted the post office, and we asked what he was told.

“Just sorry. Sorry,” he told us.