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Update as of 3/25/2021: Police have announced that no criminal charges will be filed in the investigation surrounding teachers at Rocky River High School.

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM dug into the backgrounds of teachers under investigation at Rocky River High School.

And, we’ve uncovered new information about what led to the investigation. Now, four Rocky River High School teachers have been placed on leave over questions surrounding comments and pictures of a teen girl.

A police report shows an investigation began last week when the school received a “flash drive that has a video uploaded to Google classroom of teachers discussing a female student and inappropriate pictures sent by another teacher.”

The I-TEAM reviewed the personnel files of the teachers involved and the files show, overall, very high marks for job performance.

We found one teacher investigated in 2019 for a lesson that involved “thinly veiled references to illegal drugs.” Supervisors called that a “considerable error of judgment.”

Oddly, another teacher wrote about himself “being a lonely man — bereft of requisite human contact…”

Rocky River Police are doing a criminal investigation. As for the school internal investigation, the school district earlier released a video statement to parents though without much detail.

Superintendent Michael Shoaf said, “We were made aware that members of our high school staff were speaking about a student in an inappropriate manner.”

Assistant Superintendent Liz Anderson said, “We will respect the integrity of the investigation and we will provide an update when this matter is concluded.”

By phone, we spoke to a recent Rocky River graduate. She told us, “I had three of the four teachers in question.”

She added, “I had them for a couple of years. Nothing inappropriate happened with myself. A lot of the time, these were the teachers we wanted for our classes. Their classes were fun.”

A school district website shows the school board planned to meet late Wednesday afternoon behind closed doors. The personnel files show the school district had arranged interviews for this week with the teachers involved.