CLEVELAND (WJW) — Josh Bowers would have been 33 years old on Tuesday. 

Instead of celebrating his birthday, his mother and sister are still trying to get justice for the Marine, who was shot and killed in March 2018 in Cleveland.

“We still have no answers — none,” said Dawn Macaluso, Bowers’ mother. “That was his first trip to Cleveland. He had never been there. He just went to a concert and ended up shot multiple times. I am just heartbroken, frustrated and raging mad.”

No arrests have been made.

“I just want some answers,” Macaluso said. “His murder ripped so much peace, joy and love from us. I don’t know if finding his murderer would bring that back, but it would bring some peace.”

Cleveland police officials said the case remains open and anyone with information is asked to call detectives.

Macaluso also was able to get her son’s case listed on the Ohio Attorney General’s unsolved homicide victims website. She is hoping this will also generate some tips.

Police said Bowers was shot in the area near East 22nd Street and Superior Avenue. He ended up crashing his truck into a building.

Bowers had recently returned home from the Marines so he could help his mother care for his sister, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash.

“We never found his gold Marine ring. That meant so much to him,” Macaluso said. She also said someone used his credit card to purchase several hotel rooms after his death.

“We need to know what happened and why it happened,” Macaluso said. “The person responsible needs to be held accountable.”

Anyone with information is asked to call detectives or Cuyahoga County CrimeStoppers, at 216-252-7463 right away. A reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and an indictment of the person responsible.