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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM has uncovered new video of a wrong-way driver barreling down I-90 during the morning rush, and this gives you the same view other drivers had right there at that moment.

We recently showed you the alarm caused when a driver went up an exit ramp at East 185th, then went the wrong way on I-90.

After our story aired, a FOX 8 viewer shared what his personal dashboard camera captured as it happened.

The video puts you behind the wheel heading toward downtown Cleveland.

As you look left, on the other side of the highway, you see a car going the wrong way head-on into traffic.

As it happened, witnesses flooded 9-1-1 lines. One caller said, “Oh, my God, he almost killed me and several other people.”

Another said, “And there’s a car going the wrong way.”

You also hear on the 9-1-1 recordings, “He’s going on the 90 east side the wrong way, and there’s tons of cars.”

Ohio Department of Transportation cameras recorded the driver going up an off-ramp, then plowing down the highway in the middle of traffic.

Somehow, Cleveland police stopped the car before anyone got hurt.

The I-TEAM revealed earlier that happened just weeks after two other incidents with wrong-way drivers on local highways including a crash. And, in the first few days after this case, 911 callers reported three more wrong-way drivers on area highways. But, those drivers were not found by police.

In the case caught on that dashboard camera, Cleveland police have filed charges against the suspected driver, Justin Mitchell,  but only drug abuse and drug paraphernalia charges for having marijuana and a scale. At last check, we saw no traffic citations filed.

Still, when you see that video, you have to wonder how did no one get hurt? And, you can see why so many people feared the worst.

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