CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team found an arrest warrant has been issued for a man suspected of starting fires, including setting fire to political signs.

On Friday morning, Cleveland arson investigators issued a warrant. The complaint shows the man is wanted for setting a trash bin on fire at a home.

We’ve learned he’s also under investigation for another fire at a home, and for what happened outside Mason’s Creamery in the Ohio City area.

Security video captured someone setting fire to a sign encouraging people to vote no next week on Issue 1, a ballot measure affecting the Ohio Constitution.

The Creamery’s co-owner took us back to when he discovered the damage, before checking security video.

“We had a vote no for Issue 1 sign that was prominently displayed here at our intersection, and it was gone. And you could see the faint outline of the wire that housed the sign and apparently somebody had burnt it,” Jesse Mason said.

The arrest warrant shows investigators narrowed in on the suspect with the help of security video.

But we’ve learned the cases at the homes do not, initially, appear to be tied to election signs.