I-TEAM video shows name-dropping police officer busted for drunk driving

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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM has uncovered video showing a local police officer getting arrested for drunk driving and dropping names of local leaders.

Kelley’s Island officer Amanda Myers got busted by Parma Police outside a bar where she said she’d been working.

She can be heard saying, “And the owner of the bar is (name withheld by FOX 8). His brother is the Prosecutor. He knows the Mayor. We’re all cool. That’s fine.”

It happened two weeks ago. Police took a call after a fender-bender in the parking lot behind a bar.

Video shows Myers saying she’d been working a side-job there and she’d had two or three drinks over the course of the day. But, she would not take any test to check how much she’d had to drink.

An officer asked her, “So, why would you want to refuse?”

She answered, “Because I’m an officer. I know how this works.”

Moments later she added, “Dude, you’re a cop. I can’t believe you’re even doing this.”

The I-TEAM found Myers convicted of impaired driving back in 2014.

We spoke to the Kelley’s Island police chief. He said he was aware one of his officers had been arrested for drunk driving. He said she works for the police department from May through September. Council members there will consider how this case might affect her job.

At the scene, Myers left no doubt she thought she was innocent. But police also asked about what she had said to that other driver.

The Parma officer asked, “Did you offer to give him money just to get him to be quiet about this? That’s what he’s also claiming.” Myers answered, “No….no.”

She is now pleading not guilty in court. She’s fighting there since the Parma officer was not impressed with the earlier name-dropping.

In fact, he responded to that with, “Oh! Sounds good, if you put it that way.” And he slammed the door closed on the police cruiser with Myers in the back seat.

And seconds later, the Parma officer told headquarters, “She’s in custody.”

We left a message for Myers and, as of late Thursday, we did not hear back.

Meantime, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor told the I-TEAM his brother does own a bar in Parma, but he doesn’t know the Kelleys Island officer, and he has nothing to do with her case.

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