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WARNING: The video shows the actual crash and may be disturbing to some.

CLEVELAND (WJW)– Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows how a wrong-way driver caused a horrific crash this weekend on the Shoreway in Cleveland.

The Ohio Department of Transportation released the video after a records request we filed to find out what had been captured by ODOT cameras.

You see a driver traveling  westbound in the eastbound lanes on Interstate 90, and, as the driver continues down the middle of the highway, video shows a violent collision — virtually head-on.

The crash involved multiple vehicles. It happened late Saturday night just before midnight near 185th Street.

Somehow, on the video, at least two people can be seen immediately getting out of their cars after the crash, but four people went to the hospital.

Wrong way crash in Cleveland

Cleveland EMS said paramedics responded in six minutes.

They took one person to the hospital in critical condition, another in serious condition, and two people to the ER in stable condition.

Cleveland police said the wrong-way driver, a 31-year-old woman, suffered the most severe injuries. She is a named suspect in the crash as investigators follow up on what happened.

“I just knew that it wasn’t gonna end well,” a witness told the I-Team.

That witness recorded cell phone video from a car heading downtown. He saw a car going the same direction on the wrong side of the highway. That video shows a ground-level view.

“Man, it’s scary. The car just kept swerving in and out of their lane with their hazards on And they sped up, and they drove right into another car, the witness said.

911 recordings show other drivers tried to get help before the collision.

“Got a car heading the wrong way on 90 eastbound,” one told the dispatcher.

So, how does something like this happen? That witness we spoke with said he believes he caught a glimpse of the situation unfolding.

“I saw a car leaving the exit ramp going onto the freeway with their hazards on.”

The I-Team has covered so many cases of wrong-way drivers in Cleveland. This case led us to check back and find out what’s going on with possible new safety measures. We reported ODOT has discussed new efforts in Cleveland to protect every driver from wrong-way drivers We’ve learned that is still under discussion.

ODOT is still considering taking a section of highway notorious for wrong-way drivers and adding sensors at every ramp to detect those drivers. ODOT would also put up more warning signs and lights, too.

For now, that witness we spoke with hopes what just happened can serve as a lesson for everyone.

“People look down at their phones, not paying attention to what’s going on in front of them. It really makes you pay attention to everything that’s going on,” he said.