VALLEY VIEW, Ohio (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows police chasing a driver the wrong way on a busy local highway.

But speeding away like that was not the driver’s only desperate move.

He ended up busted in the woods by officers with a police K-9.

We also investigated the story behind it.

Late Wednesday night, police body camera video shows a driver in a pickup running from Valley View police. He got on the Jennings Freeway heading toward Cleveland going the wrong way, northbound in the southbound lanes.

We filed a records request, and we also got a view from state transportation department highway cameras. You can see other drivers swerve out of their lanes to safety.

Then the driver made another dangerous move. He left that pickup in the middle of the highway and ran off.

Police found the driver hiding in the woods, then a police K-9 pounced.

The video shows officers yelling, “Don’t do it! Show us your hands! Show us your hands!” An officer tells the dog to “Sic!”

It all started when Valley View police got a call for two guys breaking into vehicles.

On a 911 call, a witness can be heard saying, “Yeah, I’d like to report a breaking and entering … theft.”

Police said one man stole the pickup. The chase started on side roads.

Brooklyn Heights police used stop sticks to flatten two tires. But the driver barreled onto the highway anyway.

We drove the route where that driver went the wrong way on the Jennings Freeway and went up one exit by about a mile. Police said an officer chased the suspect while also going the wrong way, simply trying to stop him before he hurt someone, knowing it was risky and a tough call.

In the meantime, we caught up with the owner of the stolen pickup.

“I was contacted by the police. Quite surprising, but, in this day and age, I guess, those kinds of things happen,” he said. “But, hopefully, he can at least serve some time.”

Police also said the suspect rolled down an embankment. Firefighters had to rescue him.

As they waited, an officer told the suspect, “Don’t even move, bro. I don’t want to let the dog out.”

Valley View police identified the suspect as Alan Stinnett. Investigators have already started filing charges.

Court records show he has served time in prison for aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery.