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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows what happened after the latest attack on a local postal worker.

We’ve exposed robbers targeting people handling your mail. So, we’re investigating the safety of those workers.

The latest incident happened last month near East 93rd Street and Yale Avenue in Cleveland. Police body camera video shows officers quickly got justice for a mail carrier carjacked in his postal truck.

“Put the gun up to my head. And I just said, ‘I got freaking kids, dude,'” the postal work told officers. “I went to hit a 180. I hit this curb. Then, he pulled me out of the van.”

The video also shows officers patrolling and looking for the truck.

“We’re on Yale. We see the mailman’s truck right in the middle of the street,” an officer said.

Moments later, officers spot the suspect. He runs. Police chase him down. And, they find a gun in some weeds. The gun matches the description given by the man who’d been carjacked.

Just weeks ago, we showed you a mail carrier on Cleveland’s east side shot in the arm. He said it appeared he’d been shot because of road rage.

Late last year, we showed you a post office near Shaker Square hit by an armed robbery.

No one’s been arrested in those cases.

Last month, we also showed you a mail truck stolen in Bratenahl. The carrier got out to make a delivery, and a thief jumped in the truck and took off. Police in Euclid arrested him a short time later.

All of this led the I-Team to investigate the danger for people handling your mail.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service said, given the number of post offices and mail carriers nationwide, it considers the number of robberies very low. But, nationwide, the agency reported more than 500 assaulted and threats in one year against postal workers.

In the latest case, the mail carrier told police he tried to reason with the gunman stealing his truck.

“There’s nothing in here. It’s the end of my route,” the postal carrier said he told his attacker.

As police arrested the gunman, an officer asked him, “What are you doing out here, dude?”

The Cleveland Division of Police started filing charges against Quentell Allen. The case will also be heard by a grand jury for more charges.