CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a stolen car speeding away from police and slamming into an SUV with children inside — more victims caught in the chaos from the crime wave with stolen cars.

We found this case was also tied to a shooting.

Brooklyn police video shows a stolen car running from officers, going into Cleveland, then blowing a stop light. A family had no chance to get out of the way.

So we dug into the story behind it.

The video shows the stolen car T-bone an SUV, sending both vehicles spinning. Then, you see suspects take off on foot to get away from the stolen car.

As the suspects scatter, you hear an officer call out, “At the corner of Bosworth and Thrush. Bosworth and Thrush. They’re bailing. Three (wearing) all black. One, all gray.”

In the meantime, an officer goes over to the victims asking, “Who’s hurt? Who’s hurt?”

A woman can be heard on the phone saying, “Mom, can you come get me? I just crashed. (A child’s) arm is broken. Please come, now. I need you to get everything out of the car.”

It happened last month. Brooklyn police said they spotted a stolen car. Then, officers saw the driver jump a curb and take off, blowing stop signs and speeding into Cleveland.

The family hit by the suspects raised questions about the chase, so we investigated.

Brooklyn police said they chased that car since it had been stolen in Lakewood and reported in a shooting near Halloran Park in Cleveland. A woman said she saw a guy hang out of the window and fire four shots. Then, she says, he pointed the gun at her.

After the crash, four suspects go away.

Brooklyn Police Chief Scott Mielke issued a statement:

The information we had at the time was the stolen vehicle was suspect[ed] in a shooting earlier in the day near Halloran Park. No issues with [pursuing] into Cleveland. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by Cleveland and we are a small city. There is a good likelihood that it goes into Cleveland. We weren’t chasing them out of the city, we were attempting to arrest them.

Our prayers are with the family. They are victims of this crime and it only strengthens our resolve to identify and prosecute the suspects.

Brooklyn Police Department Chief Scott Mielke

An officer told the woman hit by the suspects in this case, “You happened to be going through the intersection. You had a green light. You didn’t do anything wrong, so … “

We will watch to see if that family gets some justice. Brooklyn police said they did get some evidence from that stolen car, and they are following up on it.