CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a man hiding a gun as police move in. The case reveals how a special unit tied together a series of shootings in Cleveland and the suburbs.

We also found Cuyahoga County prosecutors doing this a lot.

County prosecutors are solving more and more mysteries with gun crimes through the Crime Gun Intelligence Center. The unit brings together information about cases from different police departments, finding common links to build cases.

The center is now taking in 1,000 leads a year while working 100 cases.

In the case with the video just released, prosecutors said they tied Mohammed Muntaser to four shootings in Westlake and Cleveland.

They involved a shot fired into a police car with an officer inside, shots fired at people and shots fired into a home.

Investigators connected the cases with evidence from the scene, a car and more.

“These are the cases my unit specializes in. Ultimately, four crime scenes. The same gun was used in 3 of them,” said Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Ryan Bokoch. “When you get the full picture, you see what somebody was up to from April to July — multiple shootings — you get that complete picture to be able to present to the court.”

The court took a look at this picture and sent Muntaser away to prison for 15 years, convicted on charges including felony assault, tampering with evidence and more. Again, it was a case built by fragments of evidence from four crime scenes, tied together by science and a unit getting police to share clues.

“The guns people are taking the most time to try to hide are often times the ones used in the most crimes,” Bokoch said.

And, in this case, hiding the gun didn’t hide the crime.