CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered a shooting right in front of a police station. And yet, what happened was not caught on camera.

We’ve found some Cleveland police stations without security cameras outside the front door.

Now, our investigation has sparked action.

Last month, Cleveland Police Second District officers scrambled to the crime scene right outside their door. Shots were fired in the parking lot of Second District headquarters.

Still, officers had to figure out what happened. Multiple sources tell us Cleveland police do not have security cameras there recording outside.

After the shooting, we requested officer body camera video and video from any cameras outside the building. From the building, we received only video from three cameras in the lobby.

The body camera video shows an officer asking, “What is going on here? Did somebody shoot a gun?”

Another says, “I know, I walked out. I thought I heard a gunshot.”

An officer asks another, “You heard that, right?”

Police determined the gunfire was tied to a domestic dispute. A man told officers, “He pulled a gun on me, and I shot.”

An officer then tells him, “You discharged a firearm, right now, in the parking lot of a police department.”

Another man says, “He just shot at me in broad daylight, right there.”

The I-Team asked city hall and Cleveland police why a police district headquarters does not have cameras overlooking the front door and parking lot. The chief’s office told us police will not answer questions about this, saying that would “compromise” the safety of the public and officers.

We took our findings to City Council Public Safety Chairman Michael Polensek.

“I’m shocked to even hear that,” he said.

Polensek expected that police building to have cameras recording outside. Then he told us he also found out another Cleveland police district headquarters had no cameras outside.

Now, the councilman plans to bring it up for council to take action.

“I mean, c’mon now, really? It’s 2023 and we don’t have cameras at our police district? That’s gotta change, and that’s something we’re gonna raise. Oh yeah, we’re gonna raise that.”

As for the shooting outside the Second District building, police said that is still under investigation.

But behind it, gunfire outside a police station front door has exposed a security gap.