CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Fox 8 I-Team has obtained new video of a special crackdown on crime in Cleveland, and we found one suspect arrested twice in the same investigation.

The I-Team took a close look at who’s getting arrested and why in an operation to take back the streets of Cleveland.

What we found with one suspect, even left investigators stunned.

This month, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has been teaming up with Cleveland Police carrying out sweeps and investigations. Trying to do something about a spike in crime in the city.

In the latest video released by the Highway Patrol, you see troopers catch up to a driver in a car reported stolen, and they see a familiar face. A suspect they had also arrested for stolen property a week earlier.

The patrol said Damon Duwe had been busted the week before, in fact, in the same operation.

Court records show he also had just gotten a break in court. He had violated probation in two other cases. One for burglary, and one involving a gun.

The Court held a hearing and a judge ordered him to see a probation officer every week, yet he was allowed to go back to the streets.

Then, troopers arrested him, but he was not held in jail. The next week, troopers arrested him again. This time, they say they found him in a home hiding under a bed.

The I-Team investigated who’s getting hauled in, overall, in the crackdown and for what crimes.

In the first week, more than a third of the suspects were teenagers. Juveniles or young adults.

The most common charges involved weapons, drugs, stolen property and running from police.

The I-Team also found a handful of suspects arrested had been wanted for other crimes or they were out of jail on bond in other cases.

In two days, this week, the Highway Patrol says the operation led to 42 felony arrests, 28 illegally possessed firearms, and 10 stolen vehicles. 

In the first two days, the operation resulted in 52 felony arrests, the seizure of 16 illegally possessed firearms, and the recovery of 12 stolen vehicles.

As of midday on Thursday, the suspect arrested twice was now sitting in jail with his new cases just beginning to move through court. We’ll watch to see if any other suspects get busted twice in the same operation.