CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered new video of how fake cops are terrorizing your streets.

Police video and City of Cleveland security video released to the I-Team comes from one of a growing number of cases.

The city security cameras captured how fake police officers tricked a driver into pulling over so they could carjack him.

In the video, you see an SUV following a car on the west side.

Then, as the driver in the car makes a turn, the SUV turns and the camera captures red and blue flashing lights in the windshield of the SUV.

The driver of the car ended up pulling over and getting robbed at gunpoint and carjacked.

Police body camera video shows an officer later asking the victim, “What made you think they were the real police?”

“They said, ‘hands up,’ and they said, ‘put your hands out the car,’” the victim answered. “They took everything from me. They took it all. Everything is in my car. My wallet. I have two phones. I have two guns in the car.”

While the city security camera video shows how it happened, officers did not have the benefit of seeing the video right after the crime.

But, police immediately wondered if this case could be tied to other hold-ups in Cleveland carried out by police impersonators.

Police did not make an arrest, but as they drove around searching the area with the victim, they did find his car abandoned.

In the back of the police car, at one point, the victim can be heard saying, “that’s my car, that’s my car!”

Police found the stolen car abandoned in the middle of a street. Since that case, we’ve reported on other police impersonators with other vehicles.

Cleveland police believe, most recently, a fake cop trying to pull people over caused an accident along the Shoreway not far from the Cleveland-Euclid border.

In another case, a victim called 911 while being followed.

He said to dispatch, in part, “I got this Dodge Durango chasing me. Lights are on. I’m not sure if it’s the police or not. I’m not pulling over.”

Back to this case, a report shows the fake cops followed the victim about 20 blocks or so. They had what police believe was a KIA SUV with dealer plates. Other cases have involved dark colored SUV’s and a white Chevy Impala.

This driver got his car back, but the new video released shows how the crime happened — how it turned into a violent hold-up, not a police traffic stop.