EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — The East Cleveland mayor said he works hard all week — so if he wants to drink alcohol and smoke in the city garage, he can and he will.

The mayor released a statement after the FOX 8 I-Team obtained video showing Mayor Brandon King and other employees drinking alcohol and smoking in the city garage on a Friday night last month.

“So, if I want to wind down a six- or seven-day work week by having a Guinness stout (not beer) and smoking a cigar in the garage, after hours, with staff, residents and stakeholders and discuss the dysfunction of our legislative body or the revitalization opportunities that are before us or international politics, no policy or media outlet is going to stop me,” King’s statement reads in part.

Some East Cleveland council members said they are upset about the mayor’s action.

City council leaders pointed out that the city’s employee handbook states “unauthorized use” of alcohol on city property is not allowed. Smoking is also prohibited.