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LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) — Lorain police K-9 Titan is now back to work after needing emergency medical treatment March 30, when he risked his safety to help his fellow officers track down a suspect.

“We were asked to help locate a suspect who fled after a vehicle crashed into a house,” said Officer Jamie Ball.  “We started searching in a yard on G Street.  The yard was filled with automobiles and debris.  The suspect knocked over some gasoline and oil when he was jumping over fences.”

Ball said officers were unable to find the suspect, but Titan walked through gasoline and oil and spotted the man.  The suspect was quickly arrested.

A few minutes later, Ball noticed Titan was in distress.

 “I was terrified I have never seen him react like that,” Ball said. “I rushed him to get medical help right away.”

Titan was taken to a local veterinarian and it was determined he was having an adverse reaction to the oil and gasoline. His temperature spiked to a dangerous level.

“His temperature was 108,” Ball said. “They immediately got him covered in ice packs. They began pumping IV fluids to try and get his temperature to a safer level.”

After a few hours he was released and then closely monitored for 72 hours.

The suspect, Issiah Chambers, was arrested on several misdemeanor charges.  He entered not guilty pleas to those charges and is due back in court soon.

“Mr. Chambers was out on parole when this happened,” Ball said. “His parole officer out of Cleveland called me the next day and they were able to violate his parole for the injuries Titan sustained. I am so proud of Titan.  We have worked together for six years and he never let me down.  Even that night suffering the injuries he was suffering he was still able to fight through it all and find this guy.”