I-TEAM: Local man stranded aboard cruise ship overseas tests positive for coronavirus

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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The I-TEAM has learned that a local man has tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

His wife said they were aboard a Diamond Princess cruise ship that is currently stranded off the coast of Japan.

The man is an 83-year-old great-grandfather from Northeast Ohio. He’s one of the latest passengers diagnosed.

“Well, the doctor just said that he tested positive for the virus. They tested all of the people over 80, and that’s how they found it,” his wife told the I-TEAM.

More than 200 passengers have tested positive for the coronavirus. The I-TEAM revealed last week that the couple had been quarantined.

The man was taken to the hospital. His wife was not allowed to go with him.

“He had a low-grade fever and a cough. But he always coughs. He was sleeping a lot and not hungry,” said his wife.

She has since been given a phone with a Japanese number, which allows her to call and e-mail the doctors treating her husband.

Here at home, anxious family members wait.

“This changes the tone of everything. We’re much more concerned now,” said the couple’s daughter.

Relatives hope the virus was caught early enough so the local man can recover.

Hi“But it won’t be long after I’m home, he should come home because they, so far, don’t have anything that’s gonna hold him back,” said his wife.

She was also tested for the coronavirus and should get her test results back soon.

Meantime, her husband is getting treated at a hospital about two and a half hours away from the cruise ship.

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