CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered how jailhouse phone calls and a confession could lead to justice for the murder of Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek.

18-year-old Tamara McLoyd is facing charges and the suspect’s own words are helping to build the case against her.

Friday, an I-Team camera rolled as defense attorneys suddenly dropped a push to have McLoyd’s confession thrown out.

Police say, New Year’s Eve, she carjacked and shot the officer while he was off-duty. Police arrested her hours later and investigators said she confessed.

Recently, her lawyers asked to have the confession thrown out, saying McLoyd had been drinking and getting high.

But, at a hearing, defense attorney Jaye Schlachet said, “After consulting with Ms. McLoyd, she has authorized and instructed us to withdraw the motion to suppress at this time.”

Meanwhile, we’ve learned that investigators have been gathering more evidence against McLoyd even as she sits in the county jail.

Multiple sources tell the I-Team investigators have listened to recordings of many jailhouse phone calls.

We’ve found the phone recordings show McLoyd talking about what happened at the scene of the shooting.

Other recordings reveal talk about practicing showing remorse with a fake cry.

We’ve learned McLoyd can also be heard talking about expecting to be famous for shooting a police officer.

McLoyd’s jailhouse calls also include discussions with her mother, and her mother was in court for the Friday hearing.

So, we approached, saying, “You’re heard on the jailhouse phone calls, so we wanted to give you an opportunity to respond to that.”

McLoyd’s mother responded with, “Nothing right now.”

When we followed up, she said, “I would not like to speak to you.”

Also at the hearing, Judge John O’Donnell said to McLoyd, “Ms. McLoyd, I’m going to ask you again, are you still getting along with your lawyers?”

She answered, “Yes, your honor.”

Defense attorneys didn’t fully explain during the hearing why they stopped fighting the confession.

But, at one point, they also added, “We know there are some mental health issues. We may learn something.”

Cuyahoga County prosecutors have told the court they have video of the officer’s murder and more evidence tying McLoyd to the crime.

Yet, behind it all, her words could help convict her.

A trial could happen as soon as this summer.

A second man is also facing charges in connection to this case. Anthony Butler was arrested for speeding away from police while driving officer Bartek’s stolen car.

Court records show he has been sent to the court psych clinic to determine sanity and competency to stand trial.

McLoyd also faces charges for a series of other violent crimes unrelated to the officer’s case.