I-Team gets action after video shows school bus running red light

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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) — A parent recorded video of a local school bus running a red light, and then he turned to the I-Team to investigate. And we’re getting action.

Tuesday, just after dismissal at Pleasant Valley Elementary, a parent said his dashboard camera captured a car blow a red light, and then right behind it, a Parma City School bus went through the red light, too.

That parent then followed the bus, and he says his video captured that same bus driver make a right turn on red without fully stopping. The witness says the bus even had children on board.

So we took that video to Parma City  Schools so that administrators could look into it.

And, we took the video to Parma police so that they could review it.

Now the school district is taking action. The district is promising “appropriate disciplinary measures” against the bus driver in this incident.

Plus, the district is reviewing “general procedures and protocols and providing re-training” for other school bus drivers.

In a statement, the district called the “safety of students and staff” the “highest priority.”

Meantime, Parma Police Lt. Dan Ciryak watched the video. He told us police could pull over any driver for going through a light like this bus did, or, for not fully stopping for the right turn on red.

Lt. Ciryak said, “It’s definitely a violation. It is concerning there are school bus drivers that you are trusting to get your kids to and from school. You would hope that they’re following all the traffic laws.”

Parma police say they won’t now issue that bus driver a ticket. They point out, an officer didn’t see it himself as it happened. But this comes after  Parma police, last year, wrote nearly 2,000 tickets in school zones. The city sent out more tickets, too, from traffic cameras.

We also showed the video to parents and other drivers.

They reacted with, “Oh, boy! A car ‘and’ a school bus.” And, “They could have caused an accident and hurt other people as well.”

Two parents told us they also have witnessed bus drivers in the same school district appear to break traffic laws, and they say they’ve complained about it.

The driver who captured this incident hopes that bringing this to light makes a difference for all children.

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