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CLEVELAND (WJW)– So many of you are asking if you’ll get any money back from the postal service because of big delays with the mail, so the I-Team is investigating.

Many viewers have told us they paid extra money to send holiday packages through express mail, but those packages didn’t show up as promised. Others said they’ve been hit with late fees because they sent checks to pay bills, but the checks never arrived on time.

We found you can file a claim over express mail delays through a U.S. Postal Service website. But, we also found, you shouldn’t count on getting any answers on the phone.

The recording does not offer an option for information about filing a claim. When we tried to talk to someone, the recording kept asking, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

We also spoke with the people running a local family company called Lyman Life. It told us it’s lost big bucks to postal service delays. Constantly, scrambling to send orders a second time through other shipping services when the postal service didn’t deliver.

“We’ve had to spend a lot of extra financial resources on reshipping products,” Gillian Champoir said. “So what I’ve had to offer to do with a lot of customers is duplicate the order free of charge, and then ship it to them.”

Norma Meszaros said she’s been it with late fees when checks she sent out for bills got somewhere late.

“I mailed out six checks Dec. 4. None of my creditors have received them. I’ve had a late charge and had to make a double payment,” she said.

We also tried talking to the local post master at headquarters. The answer was, “No.” And by e-mail, a spokesperson didn’t address specific questions about your money. Instead, referring us back to what the U.S. Postal Service calls “customer care.”

We even sent a FOX 8 producer into a Cleveland post office asking about refunds. A clerk there gave us another phone number, which no one picked up.

By e-mail, the postal service also repeated what it has told us before. The U.S. Postal Service delivered a record amount of packages this holiday season and COVID-19 forced many workers off the job. Plus, the postal service promises employees will catch up.

But, customers have also told us they have not received social security checks and medication on time. Tough for them to be patient.

And, again, if you have questions about refunds, don’t bank on getting any answers quickly.

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