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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM has found that the Hopkins Airport fire chief has been punished for not showing up to work.

Records show Demari Garth got suspended for one day without pay.

Hopkins Airport has its own firefighting and rescue squad.

A disciplinary letter shows an internal investigation found Garth did not show up for work two days last month, and he didn’t turn in paperwork requesting time off or tell his bosses ahead of time.

Records show Garth later said he went to a hockey tournament in Las Vegas, and he thought he had turned in the paperwork for time off.

But his bosses didn’t buy his explanation.

Garth becomes just the latest Hopkins Airport official to be disciplined.

Recently, a Hopkins Airport executive was suspended ten days for taking a relative through a secure area.

Last year, two other high-ranking executives at the Airport were punished. The City found one took a city car out of state without permission, and the two later tried to cover it up.

The disciplinary letter for Garth says he could face “progressive” discipline if he gets into any more trouble.

We left a message for him through the Airport administration, and we did not hear back.