CLEVELAND (WJW)– The FOX 8 I-Team just investigated who’s patrolling the hallways of your child’s school.

We found chronic security staffing shortages in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. We also found Akron Public Schools, saying the district has a full staff of security officers. There’s also a statewide group, saying many schools do not have any police or security guards.

The I-Team did some digging in light of the deadly shooting rampage this week at a school in Texas.

Back in December, we found CMSD short on security officers. Down by about a quarter of regular staffing. Now, five months later, we found the district telling us its security shortage is, “About the same.”

We also checked with Akron Public Schools. A spokesman said Akron has a full staff of security guards. Plus, more than a dozen Akron police officers in the halls.

But, if you think every school has a guard or officer waiting at the door, look at what else we found.
We caught up with the Ohio Schools Council. The organization helps train school security officers.

We asked, in general, how many schools have a guard, police officer or school resource officer.

“I would say that, probably, there are more schools that don’t have an SRO than do. I’m talking statewide,” Tim DelVecchio said. “It comes down to two things: Is there a political will to do it and is there money to fund it?”

A school security officer recently told the I-Team, “The kids are more disrespectful, the fights are more vicious.”

So, Marquetta Baker has gathered petitions for more security in Cleveland schools since she is worried about her daughter.

“My anxiety level is through the roof. It hurts thinking about it. There’s shooting all around my neighborhood, and you don’t know when a kid is going to get mad,” Baker said. “I have a child, a very non-violent child, who could be attacked at any moment.”

As for filling the open security positions in Cleveland, the school district said it is working very hard on that. The district has raised the pay for security officers, offered to pay for training and has been recruiting very aggressively.