CLEVELAND (WJW)– The FOX 8 I-Team uncovered more city of Cleveland security cameras not working and we’ve found move evidence of no one watching them when crimes are happening.

This comes months after the city told us it was doing something about this problem. So, we asked why is it still happening?

More cameras down means more clues missed in crimes. The cameras can’t help solve cases if they’re not working.

In recent days, the I-Team found police radio traffic showed cameras down near the scenes of two carjackings, a search for a rape suspect and a robbery.

“The camera at 104 and Western is not working,” one dispatcher said.

“None of these are working,” another said about multiple camera.

Just after a murder at Jefferson Park, police radio indicated officers getting no help from the Real Time Crime Center. That is the operation set up to look at what the city security cameras capture, and get descriptions and clues to officers immediately.

“Can you reach out to real time crime?” an officer said on radio.

“We got no response from real time,” a dispatcher responded.

“How do we have cameras that are inoperable?” said east side activist Jeanetta Price.

Last year, the I-Team revealed cameras often not working and often, no one monitoring them. Then, we discovered cameras not working New Year’s Eve near the scene of the murder of a Cleveland police officer.

“It just means to me we’re not being taken seriously. It’s not as deep with this administration as it should be,” Price said.

In January, the city told us its maintenance contract ran out at the end of last year. City hall was in the process of setting up a new maintenance contract. But, three months have passed. We’re finding new problems. So, now what?

The Cleveland Division of Police issued a statement saying, in part, “Covid Supply chain issues are impacting pieces and parts for replacement. Due to Covid supply chain issues we are seeing up to 4-6 months for all pieces and parts. “

Police said maintenance has been getting done and the city is finalizing a new maintenance contract. But, the statement did not address short-staffing in the Real Time Crime Center monitoring cameras.

Often, officers can’t wait. They don’t get a second chance, sometimes, at gathering clues. Even taxpayers growing tired of waiting.

“I’m talking about the here and the right now,” Price said.

Police said some of the cameras recently found to be not working need to be replaced completely, not just repaired.

The I-Team will continue to watch this and the impact on the streets.