I-Team: Drivers ignore Linndale speed camera tickets.. but that's no problem

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LINNDALE, Ohio (WJW) -- The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered a secret behind those speed cameras drivers love to hate in Linndale.

We found the town does not go after drivers for not paying the tickets.

Linndale has become notorious for sending out $125 tickets to drivers caught speeding by traffic cameras.

Last year, Linndale collected $1.2 million in fines.

But, the I-Team has found drivers getting away without paying.

We met one driver claiming he’s had three tickets in Linndale. Says he’s never paid. And, “I’ve never heard anything from anybody.”

Those camera tickets don’t count against your driving record, but if you don’t pay a fine, a town can send your case to a collection agency.

However, the I-Team discovered last year, Linndale did not send any unpaid camera tickets to a collection agency.

The law director wrote to us, Linndale sent “zero” unpaid tickets to a collection agency, and it made “zero” court filings to force drivers to pay up.

Drivers we met paying tickets were stunned to hear what we’d found.

One man said, “But I didn’t know you could do that.”

Another said he had always thought it was “hard to beat that system or get around it.”

Linndale also claims the town has no idea how many traffic camera tickets go unpaid. So does that mean Linndale has no idea how much money it’s losing?

The police chief there refuses to face the I-Team anymore for questions about speed cameras.

The law director calls those who don’t pay “irresponsible citizens,"  and he said the mayor there would be calling us. We also left a message for her. But as of Tuesday evening, she had not called.

Meantime, we checked with three other towns using speed cameras. And they all use outside collection agencies to go after drivers who don’t pay.

Despite all of this, we still met a few drivers in Linndale paying fines because it’s the right thing to do even if it might seem unfair to hear others don’t pay and get away with it.

One woman said, “You can’t ignore it. It’s a citation. It’s our law. You gotta follow our laws.”

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