CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered an investigation into a city of Cleveland snow plow driver getting paid a lot more than he should have with your money — potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

We saw very little snow this winter, but now an internal investigation is focusing on how one plow driver took home big bucks.

We’ve learned that review focuses on one plow driver hired just for the season was overpaid perhaps as much as $40,000 to $70,000.

A seasonal city of Cleveland plow driver gets paid just less than $20 an hour. At that rate, working full time for four months, the driver would earn less than $15,000. The question you might have is also what we asked: How did it turn into tens of thousands of dollars more?

Again, this winter, we didn’t see a lot of snow. In fact, the FOX 8 weather team said though the average snowfall is 46 inches, this season, only reached a total of 17 inches.

“A clerical/keying error was made,” reads a statement from the mayor’s office. “There is no criminal investigation involved. We are working with the employee to rectify this matter.”

Therese Pohorence said, “I want them to be more accountable.”

Pohorence is a homeowner, landlord, activist and tax dollar watchdog. She’s not happy and not surprised to hear of this investigation.

“I’m active in the community, and I do call city hall. And I get nothing but runaround,” she said.

We also spoke to Cleveland councilman Richard Starr, vice-chair of the Municipal Services and Properties Committee. He wants to know more about this case, and what might be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“I’m looking at the need for there to be checks and balances,” Starr said.

“A full audit should be completed to ensure that we know we have things in place,” he added. “Who is overviewing this before the checks are dispersed? That should draw a red flag.”

City hall has not finished looking into what it calls an error leading to a plow driver cashing in with your money.

Pohorence has a message for City Hall: “I want them to end errors. End errors,” she said.

We will continue to follow up with questions concerning how this came to light, and what happens next with the money that was overpaid, and more. While the city said there is no criminal investigation, we are also watching for any employee discipline. But so far, no disciplinary hearings have been scheduled.