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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Cleveland residents are frustrated after learning all the items they thought were being recycled these past few weeks are now actually sitting in a Lorain County landfill.

“It was a complete waste of my time,” said Sue Stralnik, who lives on the city’s east side.

The I-TEAM learned Tuesday that the city’s recycling contract ended the beginning of April. So for the past several weeks,everything put in recycling cans went to trash.

Mayor Frank Jackson said the only bid the city received for recycling was too expensive. 

“It came in around $200 a ton and for us we estimate that’s well over 7 or 8 million dollars so we are rejecting that bid,” Jackson said. “So as of right now there is no separate deposit of recycled material.” 

He said he did not know when the city will get another contract.

The mayor said he does encourage residents to continue separating the recycling so they don’t get out of the habit.

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Several  residents said they don’t understand the point of continuing to separate items, and wondered if their bills will be reduced. 

“It’s a waste of time and money for us to be separating and what about the trucks, they are sending a separate truck to pick up recycling, it is waste,” Stralnik said.

Councilman Brian Kazy says he is going to talk to city officials and ask them to look into possibly not sending a separate truck for recycling.

“If one truck can do the job of two trucks then the city needs to look at the efficiency of cutting down on the wear and tear of the fleet,” Kazy said.