CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team finally found a chance to ask Cleveland’s mayor the questions he has avoided for weeks.

At a news conference on Tuesday, we asked him directly about taking Cleveland police out of town with him for his own personal security.

Earlier, we had revealed Mayor Justin Bibb goes to conferences around the country, and he takes City officers with him for security even as the Cleveland Police Department is short hundreds of officers.

We asked the mayor, “How do you justify taking 2 and 3 police officers with you to out-of-town conferences for your personal protection at a time when citizens are waiting and waiting here in Cleveland for police due to short staffing?”

He responded, “Due to security concerns, I’m not going to comment on my security detail.”

We followed up with, “But you can’t just avoid the question. How do you explain that to taxpayers? Other mayors we checked with do not do the same thing.”

And the Mayor answered, “I’m not going to comment on my security detail.”

The I-Team found this year Mayor Bibb has flown to five conferences for mayors in Miami, Austin, Reno, and Washington, DC.

On four trips, he took 2 police officers from his executive protection detail for “security and escort services.”

To Reno, he took 3 officers.

Meantime, the I-Team reported this week, that on the most critical 911 calls, Cleveland residents wait for help for an average of nearly ten minutes. A minute longer than a year ago.

We’ve also shown you activists have questions, too.

Larry Bresler leads Organize Ohio. Last month, he said, “For him to be taking three security people to cities where nobody’s going to recognize him really makes very little sense.”

The mayor says his Administration is doing all it can to cut down on violent crime.