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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered new fallout from delays with the United States Postal Service.

While many of you haven’t been getting mail, a local company says it can’t send out all of its orders to customers even at a time when business should be booming.

At Supply Hut in Cleveland, you see mountains of orders piling up waiting to go all over the country. But the folks at Supply Hut say they’re drowning in their own products, blaming backlogs with the postal service.

We’ve reported postal service delays are holding up a lot of the mail people like you have been expecting at home.

Edie Schilla spoke about the frustration at Supply Hut.

“You can’t move it,” she said. “You get complaints. You take it personally.”

The company owners say, last week, they went down to the mail post office complex and saw some of their orders sitting and waiting to be moved out.

On Monday, we watched as the company tried calling the Postal Service to send an extra truck to pick up more of what’s ready to be shipped out. Supply Hut says it gets regular postal pick-up, but it needs more. Yet, Monday, the request for another truck was denied.

Supply Hut sells packing supplies such as boxes and bubble wrap. And there’s more demand for that stuff now than ever.

“We have no control if they bring us trucks, or they pick up, or they don’t,” Schilla said. “We can call as much as we want.”

Saturday night, a FOX 8 camera captured a traffic jam of big trucks hovering around the main post office in Cleveland. And, on Monday, we saw more trucks lined up along the streets. More signs of the backlog.

Nonetheless, the postal service refused to answer any questions, and wouldn’t explain why either. Instead, the postal service re-issued a statement sent out last week. It blames delays on staff shortages tied to COVID-19 along with a spike in packages and other mail.

Meantime, we noticed Supply Hut has been the target of a lot of complaints from customers. The company admits it is struggling to make things right and keep up with orders, and, the backlog at the post office doesn’t help.

Charlie Schilla added, “Tons of angry customers. Tons of refunds. It’s put our business in jeopardy.”

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