CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team investigated what will happen when you call 911 this July 4 especially long after the fireworks shows.

Last July 4, we found a woman on hold with 911 for half an hour.

So, we asked if it could happen again? 911 centers always get an avalanche of calls after dark and into the early morning hours.

Kristen Allen told us, this week, “This year, I would like to see the city ensure that they have the appropriate staffing levels to handle the anticipated and unanticipated call volume.”

Last July 4, Allen called 911 heading home on the Shoreway. She’d seen a woman possibly getting kidnapped. We found a delay in getting her call answered in county dispatch and a long delay after it got transferred to city dispatch.

She kept getting a recording: “You have reached the City of Cleveland police. Please do not hang up.”

After 30 minutes, she finally spoke to a dispatcher.

A recording shows she said to the dispatcher, “It took you all over 30 minutes to answer the phone. Somebody is in distress. What is going on?”

The 911 operator said, “Fireworks. The Fourth of July. Everybody calls about fireworks, so it ties up our entire phone line. We have no control over that.”

So, the I-Team checked on plans for this year with Cleveland police and Cuyahoga County.

Cleveland Police Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia issued a statement saying the department “has a safety plan in place for the July 4, 2022 holiday, which includes adequate staffing within the Communications Control Section, with a focus on peak hours of activity.”

And, Cuyahoga County spokesperson Mary Louis Madigan said, simply, “We will be ready for July 4.”

Earlier, the I-Team also uncovered an internal memo showing vacation days off cancelled for patrol officers to make sure the city has enough cops on the street.

Despite all of that, Kristen Allen wonders if it will be enough.

“To be honest, Ed, I’m not confident at all. But, I pray that they prove me wrong,” she said.