(WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team captured local police training for an active shooter at a school. Now, the I-Team investigated to find out if this is going on in schools where you live.

We checked all over Northeast Ohio. Several local school districts told us, in recent months, their schools just went through active shooter training.

But, the I-Team found it’s not easy knowing how ready a school may be to deal with a gunman.

We started investigating after the deadly school shooting rampage in Uvalde, Texas with police bogged down in confusion and delays.

Tuesday, the I-Team saw Shaker Heights police training for an active shooter at Boulevard Elementary School.

On Monday, we showed you Cleveland police have not been training in schools. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District did not provide us many details of its training. That left parents and grandparents demanding an explanation.

So, what about other school districts?

Mentor sent us records on all emergency drills there last year, including records showing problems encountered and time to evacuate.

Elyria Schools told us “all schools” and even the school board office went through active shooter training.

We also received reports of active shooter training at schools in Wooster, Rocky River, Hudson, Avon Lake and Aurora.

But, at the same time, we discovered, it’s not easy getting a look statewide.

The I-Team found the state will not release records on training at specific schools or districts.

The state agency overseeing this did say, though, that last year, only 38 out of 5,600 schools did not get emergency training done on time.
However, we went to a national school security firm based in Cleveland.

“I would expect there are more schools not prepared and, certainly, more schools that checked the box and said they were prepared,” said Ken Trump, who runs National School Safety and Security Services.

Ohio schools only have to do a full-scale emergency training with rescue crews once every three years. That can involve a scenario with an active shooter or some other critical incident.

Ken Trump added, “Planning with the paperwork is only one piece of it. You have to actually be prepared and you have to practice.”

Parents and grandparents everywhere hope their schools are always prepared.

Kathy McDonald said, “I’d say that’s a big concern when all these other shootings are taking place within schools. All these guns out here on the streets. Plenty of guns,”

McDonald leads a block club on the southeast side of Cleveland. Since the I-Team exposed a lack of Cleveland police training in city schools, McDonald plans to bring this up to city safety officials at her next block club meeting.

Meanwhile, Cleveland police say they are now in the process of arranging some active shooter training at a school.