HOUSTON (WJW) –  Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson made more headlines Tuesday with new questions about how many women he met for massages, a question first raised by the FOX 8 I-Team in April.

Watson faces lawsuits from 24 women claiming sexual misconduct as they gave him massages. And now, the New York Times released a report stating Watson met with at least 66 women in less than two years for massage therapy sessions.

The exact number of massages therapy sessions Watson had since 2019 is unknown.

In April, a Harris County District judge ordered Watson to provide information about his massage history since 2019, including any language that was in his contract with the Texans about massages. 

During an interview with the I-Team in April, Watson’s team said the 26-year-old did not know the exact number of massages or massage therapist he went to since 2019. They said he got a new phone in the past few years and didn’t keep records of every massage.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, the attorney for 24 women who are suing Watson alleging sexual misconduct during massages, told the I-Team he believes Watson reached out to over 100 women on social media seeking massages.

Buzbee said Watson never asked the women if they were licensed or how much experience they had. He said some of the women were not even licensed massage therapists yet.

The FOX 8 I-Team obtained a portion of video showing one of Watson’s depositions. During that deposition, Watson is specifically asked by Buzbee what he wanted from the woman he contacted on social media.

“Just a massage,” Watson replied.

When asked if she was licensed, Watson said, “Not sure, sir.”

The I-Team also received portions of a video deposition from Watson’s marketing manager, Bryan Burney. 

“You are telling me at some point last year that Deshaun Watson asked you to set up a hotel room for him so he could get a massage?” Buzbee asked Burney during a deposition.

Burney said he did set up a room for Watson at a Houston hotel in January 2021 so he could get a massage.  Burney also said he arranged massages for Watson in the past a “handful of times, maybe three or four times, I don’t recall exactly.”

Watson is not facing any criminal charges. Two grand juries in Texas declined to indict him on any criminal charges.

Ten women filed criminal complaints against him.

The I-Team asked Buzbee last week if any of the other women plan to file criminal complaints and he said he was not sure.

Watson and his legal team deny the allegations made by the women. Watson has said numerous times he wants to clear his name.

On his Instagram story posted Tuesday, he posted the lyrics, “See, the blogs can’t break me down. See, I’m the voice, I don’t reply. But the rumors y’all done heard, I’ma humbly deny, yeah, yeah.”

Watson’s legal team spent most of Tuesday afternoon asking Detective Kamesha Baker with the special victim’s division of the Houston Police Department several questions during a deposition. Baker was also asked to produce all “communications between you and the Buzbee Law Firm“ and all communication between the “Houston Police Department and the Buzbee Law Firm.”

More depositions of the accusers and other witnesses are expected to take place soon.

No trial date has been set in any of the civil cases. Both sides say the earliest any trial will take place is next spring.