‘How do you do that?’ Family looking for answers in deadly hit-and-run crash


CLEVELAND (WJW) – A grieving family trying to figure out exactly what led to a horrific hit and run crash that claimed the life of 39-year-old Theresa Scott and seriously injured two young children.

“It’s absolutely devastating,” said Ken Lundy, Scott’s brother and an East Cleveland police captain.

Lundy said Scott and his younger sister took the two children out to get take out on May 2. He said it was just about 6 p.m. when a speeding car crashed into his sister’s vehicle. It happened near the intersection of East 123rd and Kinsman.

“The driver of that other car then just took off,” Lundy said. “How do you do that? Seriously hurt someone and then run off?”

Lundy says his one niece, 7-year-old Shanila Lundy remains hospitalized.

“Right now she has a fractured skull,” Lundy said. “ She may be deaf in one ear and has injuries to her spinal cord.”

Cleveland police believe they identified the hit and run driver, who is now in jail on an unrelated charge.

Lundy is hoping the suspect is in court soon to face charges in connection with the deadly crash.

“I just want some answers,” Lundy said. “Why would you do this?”

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